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04 May 2014 @ 05:47 pm
Mira Maeda
20|18th August 1994
O Blood
Malaysia, AOR


much of them.. (ill follow u back if u notice me lol)



I've been a Tobikko for 6 years now? (wow i just realized im so loyal lmao), my bias changed a lot but now im currently stick to our only KLCC!! Yuto Nakajima haha lol. I probably chose him because he resembles myself? Im loud, people thought i have no worries, I laughed and try to make people laughs at the same time, with my lame jokes of course (cant help it but it stick since forever OTL), i love determination songs, i struggle hard for something i wished or interested. Im on a leader-oriented but i hate being one at the same time lmao. Anyway i love singing and dancing and so do making songs (especially melody). You guess im just loyal to one fanbase? haha no. At first i thought i could be one, but i failed and trailed off track. Im so much into Korean fandom right now. Guess what group.

It's them! NYAHAAA.



Cant help it though.. they topped everything hahhaa. But im still on hey say jump so dont worry.



anwer this if you want me to add you back! (fcking basic hahaha)

~Where do you live:
~What are you studying/What are you working as:
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~Any interesting facts about you:
~Are you in love/have a crush at this moment?:
~Favourite place to be:
~Favourite lyrics:
~Best time of the year:
~Weirdest food you like:


~Favourite fandom:

~Things you like about me:
~Two things you like about yourself:
~Put this on your LJ so that i can write about you? x):

See ya ;)


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山田:満月の夜 恋の迷宮へ招待

全員:mysterious night

高木:誰も知らない 真実(本当)の僕の正体

全員:mysterious love

薮:自制心(こころ)/(コントロール)効かないほど 君だけに見つめてる



全員:僕はvampire 恋はdangerous


全員:僕はvampire 愛の衝動が so burn!burn!破裂しそうなんだ


全員:mysterious girl


全員:mysterious eyes

中島:いつもの牙ひとつない僕だなんて思ってるの?No no no



全員:僕はvampire 君はターゲット


全員:僕はvampire 熱い愛情が so burn!burn!溢れでそうなんだ

全員:僕はvampire 恋はdangerous


全員:僕はvampire 愛の衝動が so burn!burn!破裂しそうなんだ










全員:僕はvampire 君はターゲット


全員:僕はvampire 熱い愛情が so burn!burn!溢れでそうなんだ

全員:僕はvampire 恋はdangerous


全員:僕はvampire 愛の衝動が so burn!burn!破裂しそうなんだ

Vampire… Vampire…

Vampire… Vampire…


Yamada : Mangetsu no yoru koi no meikyuu e shoutai

All : mysterious night

Takaki : Dare mo shiranai hontou no boku no shoutai

All : mysterious love

Yabu : Kokoro/Kontorooru kikanai hodo Kimi dake ni mitsumeteru (still vague)

Yaotome : Miugoki dekinai hodo

All : kono te de Tsuyoku dakishimetai yo

All : Boku wa vampire koi wa dangerous

Yamada : Kamitsuki souna kiss ga tomaranai

All : Boku wa vampire ai no shoudou ga So burn! Burn! Haretsushi sounanda

Chinen : Nazomeku sono hohoemi ga itoshii

All : Mysterious girl

Arioka : Muboubi sugiru sono taido ga kuyashii

All : Mysterious eyes

Yuto : Itsumo no kiba hitotsunai Bokuda nante omotteru no? No no no

Chinen : hitomi o tojita totan

All : Nerai o sadame osoikakaru yo

All : Boku wa vampire kimi wa taagetto

Takaki : Torokeru youna kiss shite ii kai?

All : Boku wa vampire atsui aijou ga So burn! burn! Afure de sounanda

All : Boku wa vampire koi wa dangerous

Yabu : Kamitsuki souna kiss ga tomaranai

All : Boku wa vampire ai no shoudou ga So burn! Burn! Haretsushi sounanda

Yamada & Yuto : Yoake ga kite taiyou ga kimi o

Chinen & Arioka : Yume ni kaete mo

Yabu : Juujika showasarete mo Kono ai wa fumetsusa

Yamada : Boku wa vampire....(Vampire...)

Chinen : Boku wa Vampire

Yabu Vampire


Takaki Vampire

Yamada Boku wa Vampire……

All : Boku wa vampire kimi wa taagetto

Takaki : Torokeru youna kiss shite ii kai?

All : Boku wa vampire atsui aijou ga So burn! burn! Afure de sounanda

All : Boku wa vampire koi wa dangerous

Yabu : Kamitsuki souna kiss ga tomaranai

All : Boku wa vampire ai no shoudou ga So burn! Burn! Haretsushi sounanda

Vampire… Vampire…

Vampire… Vampire…


In the fullmoon night this love grow bigger, Mysterious Night

Nobody knows my true identity, Mysterious Love

I cannot control myself, I see only you

I cannot resist, I want to hold you tight in these arms

I'm a vampire, this love is dangerous, this kiss is unstoppable

I'm a vampire, this way of love So Burn Burn like an explosion

That puzzled smile is so lovely, Mysterious Girl

I glad that you defend yourself, Mysterious Eyes

One of my usual fang is not here, what I'm thinking?

I close my eyes, and that very moment am I too late to take the fate of meeting?

I'm a vampire, you are the target, shall we kiss to melt?

I'm a vampire, this hot feelings So Burn Burn let it flow

I'm a vampire, this love is dangerous, this kiss is unstoppable

I'm a vampire, this way of love So Burn Burn like an explosion

The dawn has come, the sun bring back your dreams

Ten times searching for, this love is wing

I'm a vampire

I'm a vampire

I'm a vampire, you are the target, shall we kiss to melt?

I'm a vampire, this hot feelings So Burn Burn let if flow

I'm a vampire, this love is dangerous, this kiss is unstoppable

I'm a vampire, this way of love So Burn Burn like an explosion

So Burn Burn like an explosion.

Vampire... Vampire...


(C) Joey Patricia

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02 May 2012 @ 07:00 pm
Title: Under The Same Roof
Author : My friend MAX, HUAHUAHUA. I LOVE YOU PRETTY! <3
Requested by: KEISUKE_CHAN182

Rating: NC-17
Pairing: OC/Yamada Ryosuke
Summary:  Ryosuke is a 21 year old lonely, cold-hearted boy married to our 19 year old clumsy young girl named Mirai. 
Disclaimer: I own the story itself.
Warning: smut present. ;)))

It's been 3 months since we got married. 3 months and I'm still a virgin. 3 months and we don't even know each other well. I know I kinda don't have the right to nag him all about his girls... after all it's just another stupid arranged marriage. ugh.
He's all serious about his work and playing with all these sluty girls.

I only agreed with this marriage is because I thought he'll do that with me and it's okay 'cause he's cute anyway. but no. He doesn't even bother touching me nor talking to me. Why? Am I not attractive enough?

I realized how I've spent 10 minutes staring at the same page of the book I'm reading. I wasn't even paying attention in reading for I kept on ranting to myself about my oh-so called husband. I tried to focus on the book when I heard a knock. "Mirai.." a soft voice came behind it. "hai!" I hastily stood up and opened the door. There was a quick smirk on his face before he entered the house. "okairi." "tadaima." our conversation was bitter. I guess I just need to get use to it.

I decided to leave him and work in the kitchen. Maybe I can get his attention by making sandwiches for him? I tried to reach the plates on the cupboard. It was so high but I insisted on reaching it. almost there... AH! I slipped, caused by this slippery kitchen tiled-floor. I wasn't able to grab onto anything to support me. I closed my eyes and heard myself screamed. I thought I'm gonna hit my head, my heart had a mini heart attack until something felt weird.

"eh?" there were arms supporting my back before I even hit the floor.
"that was close." there was an angel in front of me. NO. this is my stupid husband.
He tried to help me stand. He's just there, staring at me while I really felt it was awkward.
I remember the first time I met him. It was a Saturday night when my friends and I decided to hang out in a bar around Tokyo. It was my first time so I'm not really used with perverts. I didn't know that bars are full of pedophiles and maniacs so I wasn't alarmed. I was sitting alone at our table when someone approached me. A man around his 30's with a creepy smile curved on his face. "Hi there, miss." his voice was much creepier. I ignored him thinking that if I do, he'll go away. Unfortunately, he sat beside me and started touching my legs. fuck. I shouldn't have wore this skirt. "What a flawless skin..." then he started sniffing my neck like a dog. Mirai? what the heck? you should do something! "stop it, please." I sounded so serious as I tried to push him off of me. "Why, you sure is a little bit hard to get..." he started wrapping my arms around me as I try to escape his pervish acts. "yamete! yamate kudasai!" He didn't stop, he tried harder and started kissing my neck. "yamete!!!"
"The girl said stop, didn't she?" I heard a calm voice behind us.
"Ya..Yamada-san." the man has a quick change of attitude, stood up and bowed his head. The owner of the voice grabbed his collar and punched him. The pervert didn't fight back, instead, he bowed again and ran away.
My savior, whom I guess his name is Yamada looked at me as if he's waiting for something.
"Oh. a..arigato." I slightly bowed my head. He just nod at me and walked away. Since then, I can't help thinking about his angelic face. It's the same face I'm seeing right now, in front of me.

What's this? Why do I have this spasms? I can't move. I can't even catch my breath. It's my heart. It's beating so fast. Is.. is.. this.. can't possibly.. be.. love?

"You're so clumsy." he said without any emotion showing off from his face. "this is why I find you unattractive." he rolled his eyes and left me.

I... I'm unattractive?

"I'm what?!"
He turned back and repeat himself. "unattractive."
"but.. but.. I have big boobs and nice ass and great curves and I'm obviously prettier than your girls! and.." I'm still a virgin.
"and what?"
"nothing..." maybe because I'm still a virgin that's why I'm unattractive.

The day when my parents and I meet up with my oh-so called fiance and his parents, I thought he's some kind of nerdy loser kid. But I was wrong. I know for some reason I shouldn't be happy but I can't help it. I don't even know him. He's just another cute guy who saved me from a pervert. Yes. It was him. That guy whom I can't help thinking about. Yamada? yea, I guess it was Yamada.

He's still the same serious looking kid from before. I really felt awkward at that time. My parents really like him for he was handsome, smart, hardworking compared to a dumb clumsy girl like me. I thought his parents would hate me but I was wrong. They like me too. They said I was cute and that they want me as a daughter than to have a cold boy as their son.

So time passed by and we got married. We're currently living under the same roof. BUT I'M STILL A FUCKING VIRGIN, wait what? fucking virgin. that doesn't seem right. well.. BUT I'M STILL A VIRGIN.

When I was a kid, I promised myself that I will only give my virginity to the man I'll marry. but I guess, it's not gonna happen. yes, I'm married but he's not interested about me. I guess I'm gonna die a virgin! demo.. mou!!! I want to feel what it's like to do THAT. How can I even make him do it? ehh!!! nande, Ryosuke-kun??


I thought we'll be like this forever, not until one Tuesday night everything seems so different. Even him.
I was relaxing on our bed while reading my favorite book and then, he suddenly lied down beside me.
"ne ne... it's my birthday tomorrow, don't you have a gift for me?" Ryosuke's face was irreplaceable, it was my first time seeing him like a little kid?
"tsk. who cares about your birthday?" I rolled my eyes and continue what I was doing.
"but you're my wife. you should care about my birthday."
"tsk. you're not even making love with me how can you say that." I said to myself.
"eh? did you say something?"
"EH? nothing at all." I rolled my eyes. "and why does it seem you're being nice to me?" I went up to him and grabbed his ears. "hey. is there an alien inside there? release Ryosuke!" I shouted on his ear.
"yamete yo! it's me."
"no kidding?"
"hai..." he nodded
"but where's the cold hearted jerk?"
"jerk? pft!"
"seriously? you're not the Ryosuke I know."
"probably because it's my birthday tomorrow." he said while having a straight face. "heh." and then he quickly transformed it into a naughty grin.
"tsk. don't give me that crap."
"demo, you still need to give me a birthday gift! hey!" he ascended on top of me, his hands grabbing on to the headboard behind me.  There was an awkward silence and an endless looking-at-each-other-like-some-lovers-in-a-romantic-porn-scene.
"I didn't notice, you're cute after all." he said while stroking my cheeks. "can you give me your night?"
"I guess you'll understand by letting me do this." he started unbuttoning my shirt and my red unattractive bra was already showing off.
"ch..chotto matte." I don't want to stop him but it doesn't feel right. But, is it really this? I mean, I'm doing THAT? now? I'm not going to die a virgin?
For a moment I let him unbutton my shirt. He stop halfway to get rid of his v-neck shirt then he continued with mine.
But! what if he finds out that I'm still a virgin? it's embarrassing right? but if I stop him,  I will DIE a virgin. mou! I don't know what to do.
"It's gonna be okay." he muttered. "and it's not wrong, after all, you're my wife." yea... he's right. nothing's wrong with this. We're married.
I slowly reached for his pants. "I guess... it's not.. wrong.. I guess... I can let you... do it." my hands were shaking while I'm trying to take off his pants.
For a few seconds, we're both naked. Clothes everywhere.
I didn't know he was this hot. fuck. I'm feeling horny.
"Let's start of with this." he closed his eyes and suddenly, he took my breath away. He smell like strawberries and he tasted so sweet. I grabbed his hair while our kiss is becoming intense. We stopped for a while to catch our breath and went back into making out. We played naughtily with our tongues, exploring each other's mouth. This is my first kiss. and... it's awesome. I suddenly had the urge to have more. I want him to touch me.
He started licking me, from my face going down until he reached my breasts. "I'm going to be gentle, but sometimes I can't help to go wild." he warned me. He crooked a smile before he started licking my nipples. It was ticklish yet it feels so damn good. He began to suck my bigger than averaged size boobs while groping on to the other one. I heard myself moan.
"etto... can I give you a little job before you go down below?" I'm not myself. Why am I saying these kind of things?
"I never knew you're like this." I heard his manly laugh. "but I guess I can't help it. Do anything you want with it." he sat so I can play with his hard boner. At first I didn't know what to do but I was surprised with myself. I started stroking it for a few moments and gave him a suck. I felt pleasure from the inside. He grabbed my hair and started helping me on my way up and down. I even heard him moan.
"I can't help myself.. I want to go inside you." He pushed me back and started penetrating his inside mine. I already felt myself wet.
I noticed that he's not yet inside me.
"I didn't know. You're still a virgin." he smiled, stroking my cheeks for no reason. "I will take good care of you."
He began going inside me and it was painful. I let out a scream to release the pain but it's not helping at all.
"it's gonna be alright.." he whispered while rocking onto me. The pain slowly starting to fade away. It's becoming more of a pleasure. I want him to rock me harder.
"please... faster..." I sounded like I'm begging for more. He didn't hesitate to go fast on me. I was coming and the climax felt so hot. We exchanged moans while touching each other.
"I'm... coming.." He said with his pleasured face.
"please do it.. inside me."
I felt something good. It's like something exploded inside me. It felt so good.
"Thank you.. for giving me your virginity. I'll take it as an advance birthday gift. This is the best gift ever."
"No. It's already 12:00, Happy Birthday."
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01 May 2011 @ 10:09 am
I got this from talktoyourpet  so i wanna try XP
oh & i don't know yet , it just asked me to past this thing down there ;/
so here it is! but i just saw my weirdness is 50%? O____________________________O

i wanna tag several people haha XP
sorrryyy u.u

daikinman [info]</a>anakhai</span> hizaki92 blozzom_zone [info]</a>yabulala</span> jinkamenashi mexony inaani_2430 endrizka akinoyama lonelylilger ichino_ren theivorykeys shouieyamada okihiroshi tsukihoshino icarus_fly kurosagikazama ariyama05 erinteguchi splashgreen satsukisora emiichan kanaxjump angelkimkawaii hagino_aimi iffahsyuqaira 

naaah i'm tired ;A; there's still a lot but still i'm hurting my back i'm gonna stop xOx


So, keisuke_chan182, your LiveJournal reveals…

You are… 29% unique (blame, for example, your interest in hikaru yaotome’s ^^), 14% peculiar, 43% interesting, 14% normal and 0% herdlike. When it comes to friends you are popular. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are keen to please. Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is conventional.

Your overall weirdness is: 50

(The average level of weirdness is: 28.
You are weirder than 87% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!

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23 April 2011 @ 04:56 pm
I was tagged by daikinman 

A) People who have been tagged must write their answers on their journal and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.
B) Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

& NYAHAHA. I will tag hizaki92  , chiaki_09 , endrizka , tsukihoshino , kanaxjump , yabulala , angelkimkawaii , theivorykeys 

Sorry if you've already been tagged XP

1. Make a list of 5 things that are in reach:
- A bottle of Pepsi. Half drank lol. Recently..im getting thirst of carbonated drinks o_O im gonna die SOON. ;A;
- My Phone (: Buchu Buchuuu~~~ ^o^
- House phone. O_O LOL
- A pink notebook? It's sooooooooo tiut >O<
- A pink phoneholder. it's like a thingy, where we put our phone in it? it's in neko shape, KAWAIIIIIII >O,<

2. What is your favorite holiday?
End of Year :D

3. What is one item of clothing you wish you could always wear?
My kumako pajama

4.What is your favorite Disney movie ever:
UP! that russle is sooo cute >.<

5. What are you listening to right now?
Spongebob's voice from tv. 

6. Who was the last person you hugged?
My friend.

7. What random song just popped in your head now?
C-ute - SHOCK.

8. What do you do everyday that if you didn't do, it wouldn't complete your day?
Online-ing! yeah i know i'm addicted ;A;

9. What was the last text message you received?
Reply from my friend saying she's sorry for me cause i went to extra class alone lol.

10. What websites do you always visit when you go online?
Facebook, Youtube , Twitter, Tumblr , Livejournal

11. What is your next big planned purchase?
Marrying Yabu Kota ROFL.

12. If you could afford to go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Paris (: Hawaii (: New York (: Koreaaa~~~~~~~~!!!

13. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Beside Yabu Kota~~~~ Git.

14. Where's your piercing/Where would you like a piercing?

15. What do you want to eat the most at the moment?
Okonomiyakiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! *-* now i'm hungry (_ _)

16. If you could play any musical instrument, which one would you play?
Piano! Drums , Guitar [I took my bro's LOL. what?! he has 4 ==] & Violin [already got one though ;D] but i don't really know how to play those ROFL.

17. What's the one thing you need the most now?
Study hard,

18. What's your biggest fear?
Not getting what i want, etc. Yabu Kota , Meiji University.

19. What is your dream job?

20. What's the last good movie you saw?
Beauty & the Beast [Live Action] LOL.
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